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Related post: Date: Fri, 24 sex young virgin Aug 2007 21:33:28 -0400 From: s w Subject: Remembering my YMCA, part 4It is now Wednesday morning. As I awaken, I hear a familiar voice talking to my Mom. Uncle Chris is back early from his trip. I rush to see him and jump on his back as he talks to Mom in the kitchen. We laugh and he moves from the kitchen to the living room and pins me down on young pink portal the couch as Mom scolds me to calm down. She has breakfast ready and we sit to have our pancakes. Uncle Chris said he got in late last night after I had gone to bed. His "run" ended early so he young rape pics decided to come visit us for young clit wet a few days. This time though he was staying at the YMCA since Dad wasn't home.When breakfast was over, we free young pyssy helped Mom with the clean up. I told Uncle Chris that I had a blow jobs young Karate young soccer teens lesson today and xxx young lola asked him if he would abused asian young like to watch. He said he'd be proud to see what I had learned. I was excited. I wanted to tell him all the new things I litle young nude had learned but figured I'd wait until we were going to the Y since Mom young kids xxx didn't need to know the "men's club stuff". really young sex We started nude younger walking to the Y about 45 minutes before class was to start. As we left our block, I asked Uncle Chris if I could tell him all about the lessons, the pool and my new friends. He smiled and said sure and not to leave anything out. He said he that when he traveled, he stayed at many YMCA's all over the country. But not all had the nice pool and exercise areas our YMCA did.I was talking so much about the Karate lessons that I had just started to tell him about sex younger my swimming when we walked young preeteen schoolgirl up the front steps of the Y and entered. I had to stop talking then and change into my workout clothes. Uncle Chris came boysex youngest to the locker room young teen toplist with me. As I changed clothes, he smiled and said I had grown a lot since young xxx kid he last saw me. I smiled and felt proud. We went to the gym area and Mr. Hicks came over and greeted Uncle Chris. They seemed to know each other and quickly walked off talking while we began our warm up youngest asian nudes exercises. Ricky was there and quickly moved close to me. I pointed to my Uncle and told Ricky who he was.Chris sat a bit away from young black teens the exercise mats and watched our training. He almost seemed to wince when I was thrown or pinned down. I was doing my best to show Uncle Chris I had learned a lot. Ricky was now my foe. As we griped for our match, young fantasy he smiled at young kids nacked me and told me to foot sweep him. young teen board young girl poop I knew he was going to help me show off so I did it. He landed with a thud. Next foto young teens I did a hip throw and take down. 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He said I should call him Chris here, it made him more comfortable. I smiled and said sure. Adam told me that he had told Chris all about my Karate. free youngest naked He also said he explained to him about my growing from a boy to a young man in manners and actions. I was embarrassed and didn't know just busty young teen how Chris youngtop little girls would take whatever Adam younger babyes young woman had told him. I had wanted to Bitch horny young tell him all of this myself. I realized that as we had been talking, Ricky had come young lady fuck up behind me and art young nonude was hugging my waist and had a hard-on pushing into youngest teen angels my back. His hand was cupping my cock under the water.Chris told me he freefoto young picture was proud of me. Doing well in my Karate, working with weights, and most of all xtreme young porn becoming comfortable with my body and myself. I was beaming with pride. 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He got in front of me and I young nonnude photos now had both men's cocks in my hands and youngest boys gallery they were gently rubbing all over me. They were telling me how they had known each other since young girls blog high school and often enjoyed pleasuring each other whenever Chris was young bikini pics in town. I said that I wanted to learn more about how to do that and they both said they would be proud to teach me whatever I wanted to do. I noticed that Ricky had left and we were the only ones in the pool area now. I asked where he went and Adam young porn said he asked him to give us some private time so I could talk rika young nude more to my Uncle. With that he smiled and moved his hand to rub my butt crack. young fucking schoolgirls Again, I pushed back onto Chris' cock and moaned. It felt really good rusian young pussy and so safe to be with these two men. gay young I opened my legs more to let Adam have more freedom to stroke. 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